Group specialty: Technical and Engineering

Date of licensing: Aug. 20, 2000      Registration: Feb. 27, 2002

Address: No. 62, Block A, 5th Floor, Unit 53A, Opposite to 13 Aban Pharmacy, Karim Khan Zand Ave, Tehran – Iran

Post Code: 158454691

Tel: +98 21 88312272

Fax: +98 21 88312273

Website: www.railassociation.ir

Email: info@railassociation.ir

Board of Directors:

  • Chairman: Eng. Seyyed Abolfazl BAHREHDAR
  • Vice Chairman & Secretary General:Eng. Seyyed Abolfazl BAHREHDAR
  • Treasurer: ENG. Ardeshir AHMAD ZADEH
  • Members of Board of Directors: Eng. Naser POOR MIRZA, Dr. Mohammd MONTAZERI, Eng. Bahram ABABAFI, Eng. Omid TASHTZAR, Eng. Ebrahim MOHAMMADI, Dr.Jabbar Ali ZAKERI (Full members)
  • Inspectors: Eng. Mohammad Reza FARSHID NEZHAD (Main inspector),
    Babak RAHNAVARD (Substitute Inspector).

Objectives and Goals:

  • Promotion of rail transportation knowledge.
  • Quantitative and qualitative improvement of local specialists of railway industry.
  • Growth and promotion of research in rail transport.
  • Improve the capacity, quality and performance of rail transport

Current Activities of the Association:

  • Creation and development scientific and cultural relations among rail industry researchers and specialists in national and international levels.
  • Translation , education and publishing books , periodicals and international codes including publishing three monthly magazines, weekly electronic newsletter(with some 3500 members) and promotional journals.

– Holding national, regional and international scientific conferences, seminars, technical workshops, forums, and sessions

  • Encouraging innovators and honoring distinguished researchers and industry masters.
  • Offering transport related educational, research and economical services.
  •  Supporting competent railway industrialists and manufacturers.
  • Exchange of views and cooperation with executive and decision making bodies, Expediency Council, Parliament research Council, Consultative Assembly(Parliament) Commissions, transport confederation, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Deputy President for Research, Deputy President for Planning and Strategic Supervision, and cooperation with other decision-making bodies.
  • Mutual membership in domestic scientific associations.
  • Member of UIC, UITP…
  • Iranian Association of Rail Transport Engineering includes 10 specialized committees and more than three universities, some technical colleges and research centers, 200 faculty members, 240 corporate entities and more than 5000 real members enjoy membership with Association.
  • The Association has signed memoranda of understanding with National Standard Organization, Tehran University, Amir kabir University, Islamic Azad University, and several other Ministries and organizations.
  • Cooperation with executive, scientific and research bodies in evaluation of railway related projects and programs.   
  • Encouraging innovator and honoring distinguished Researchers and industry masters.
  • Providing training, research and technical services..
  • Signing cooperation agreements with scientific, technical, administrative and decision-making bodies.
  • Holding academic competitions among experts, researchers, and professionals.
  • Encouraging and building effective cooperation with scholars, innovators and inventors.

  – The Association has been granted (A) degree among other Iranian associations aninstitutes
(For the last 9 years).

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